David Hogg: Profanity-Laced Anti-Gun Owner Tirade

In a recent article published by thegatewaypundit.com, theater student David Hogg appears unstable as he berates the viewer with lines referring to NRA members a “Pathetic F*ers” who “want to sell more guns and murder more children”.

He goes on to say that he will make sure that “those F*ers aren’t getting reelected.”

However, Hogg doesn’t seem to have any answers to his accusations, stating simply that “I shouldn’t have to!  I’m 17”.

Most Idahoans abhor the violence we see in our schools today.  We also know that hysterical tirades are not the way to fix the system.  To learn more, or watch the video, please check theidahoan.com.

Posted with permission from The Idahoan.