Gun Control or “Simple” Fascism?

On March 30th, the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action released a report on a candidate for Sherriff in North Carolina by the name of R. Daryl Fisher.  During a meeting with citizens group Moms Demand Action, Fisher expressed his support for  a number of gun control  measures, and actually said he would have no problem taking firearms from gun owners’ “cold, dead hands.”

Apparently, in North Carolina, a candidate pandering for votes can not only threaten the 2nd  Amendment rights of American citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution, but can do it by threatening to kill people in order to seize their firearms.

Most Idahoans own guns; some for hunting, some for sport, and others for the protection of their home and family, so confiscation of our firearms seems unlikely.  However, readers should watch a clip of Fisher’s entire remarks and come to their own conclusion.  To learn more, or watch the video, please check

Posted with permission from The Idahoan.